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 Special : 
4 Wheel   
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Brake  Service
  Wheels and Tires Pkg
 Start from: $699

Brake Service: $149.00 Per axel 
4 Wheel Alignment $49.95

*Camber       *Caster         *toe 

4 Tires Rotation and Balance $29.95

Get ready for Oregon Weather !

Wiper Blades $7.49 ea. any size 

See what is around !

Headlight restoration   $49.99
30-50 min installation time

30-50 min installation time

30-50 min adjustment  time

10-20 min installation time

Brand new brake pads and turn rotors 
Price good for most of cars 

1-3 min installation time

30-60 min labor time

Radiator Flush       $49.99 Special 
All Cars makes and models 

Performing recommended Fluid services can save you money from costly repairs and breakdowns due to corrosion and radiator boil-over or freeze-ups.  
 12-20 min labor time

Oil change 
Oil and Filter
Offer valid up to 5qt of Synthetic Blend oil
919 Ne Hogan dr
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